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Italian marrow type, ready in 60 days.

Fruits are light green with dark green stripes and slightly tapered. Greenish-white flesh is fine textured and good eating quality.


Plant squash in open ground only when both soil and air temperature are fully warm. Squash grows best in a loose textured soil. Dig in a good amount of organic material or well rotted stable manure where the seeds are to be planted. Sow in groups of 4-6 seeds spacing the groups 4' apart each way. Cover with 1/2" of fine soil and firm lightly. Seed germinates in 7-10 days. When plants are established, thin to leave 3 of the strongest plants in each group.


Summer squash is easily grown. A second planting made after July 1st will provoid a harvest until frost. Pick fruits when young and tender, 6-8" long. Keep all fruits picked so the vines will continue to bear for a long period.


Plants 8 groups.

384 Squash - Cocozelle Long Green Bush

SKU: 384
  • Summer squash produce large hard-shelled fruits gathered at maturity.  The flesh is delicious baked or used as pie filling.

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