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Frequently Asked Questions

~ Is your grass seed for this area?

     Of course! Our grass seed mixes are all Northern types, perfect for this area.

~ What are your hours?

     Our hours can change seasonally, so be sure to check our home page here on the website, Google, or our Facebook page for the most up to date information. Of course, you can always call us to check if we are open before coming to our store.

~ How often do I have to fertilize?

      As long as you have an irrigation system, you can fertilize every 6-8 weeks through the growing season. For sandy soil, fertilize every 4-6 weeks. If you don't have an irrigation system, skip the hottest months of the season (usually July/August) for fertilizing. It will only stress your lawn further. Wait until nights cool down again, and your lawn comes back out of dormancy. You can fertilize anywhere from 1 to 5 times throughout the season, depending on your lawn's needs, and your desires.


~What mix do I use for sun & shade?

     Use Town & Country for mostly sun and some shade. As long as your lawn gets a few hours of sunlight per day, Town & Country will work well.

     Use Shady Spot for full shade to full sun. Use Shady Spot when you are not sure whether your lawn gets enough sunlight in the day for Town & Country. Shady Spot will also work in full sun, so if you have some sunny spots around your shady spots and want to keep it simple, use Shady Spot everywhere.

~ What size bags do you have?

     All of our mixes come in 3lb, 25lb, and 50lb bags. No, sorry, there is nothing between 3lbs and 25lbs, our machines don't make that an easy possibility.

~ What mix do I use for sandy soil?

     Our Sandy Soil Tall Fescue mix or our Proprietary blend are good in sandy soils. The Sandy Soil is a medium bladed grass, and the Proprietary is a fine bladed grass, and both are turf grasses, so you can choose which one you would like in your lawn. Sandy Soil mix works in full sun to full shade. Proprietary works similar to Town & Country in full sun to partial shade.

~ What do I do with the moss in my yard?

     Moss is not an agressive weed. Moss moves in when there is nothing else growing in the area. You can rake out the moss, then put seed down. If it is an area where grass does not like to grow, and the moss is a continual problem, we recommend testing the pH of your soil. You can find pH testers at garden or big box stores. They are inexpensive, and last pretty much forever. When the soil is wet, you place the tester in, and it reads the pH of your soil (it looks sort of like a meat thermometer). Grass prefers to be 6-61/2 pH. If your soil is above or below that, then you can take steps to correct it, and thereby keeping your grass while getting rid of the moss at the same time. Many people think that moss is a sign you need lyme. That might be the case, but moss will grow in both acidic or alkaline conditions, so a pH test is the best way to ensure you put the correct treatment down. If the pH is below 6, it is acidic, and will need lyme. We carry lyme both by itself, and with fertilizers to help raise the pH of your soil for grass seed. If your pH is above 7, it is alkaline, and will need elemental sulphur, which you can find at garden or big box stores.

Usually, acidic lawns are because of evergreen trees in the area contributing to the soil. In this case, you will need to add lyme periodically to keep the pH balanced for grass to stay.


Do you have something to kill the clover in my lawn?

     Yes, we do. Our Lebanon Proscape products 19-0-6 with LOCKUP and 20-0-7 with Trimec will both kill broadleaf weeds, including clover.

     *DID YOU KNOW? Clover adds nitrogen to your soil naturally, and stays green throughout the dry summer months when grass goes dormant.

~ What is the difference between the 19-0-6 with LOCKUP and the 20-0-7 with Trimec for broadleaf weed control?

     Aside from the slight difference in coverage (11,500 sq ft for 19-0-6, and 10,000 sq ft for 20-0-7), the 20-0-7 with Trimec should be used if you are planning to seed soon after. The 19-0-6 with LOCKUP requires 4-5 weeks before you can plant seed, after application.

~ Do I need to use a fertilizer when I plant seed?

     We do recommend using a starter fertilizer, which is a fertilizer with phosphorous in the mix (which is the middle number in the number formulas) to give the seed a strong start and a better root base. Our starter fertilizers come in a small bag that covers 3,000-5,000 sq ft, a medium bag that covers 8,000 sq ft, and a large bag that covers 12,500 sq ft. We also carry specialized starter fertilizers for controlling weeds or balancing the pH of your soil (see our grass seed pricelist for our selection).

~ My grass keeps thinning in the shade. What do I do?

     This is a common challenge in lawns. Shade is always challenging for growing grass. Our Shady Spot mix will tolerate shade, but sometimes there are other hidden issues like pH balance, or tree root systems that make it very challenging to grow anything, let alone grass. If you want to keep grass there, you may have to reseed it every year or every other year.

~ Do you sell wildflower seed?

     Yes! We sell it by the ounce or pound, and have a full sun or partial shade mix. See our Seed Rack page for more information.

     *DID YOU KNOW? Planting wildflower in the Spring is the best time, as it allows the annuals in the mix to have time to go to seed, thus reseeding themselves for the next year.

~ Do you sell seed for deer food plots?

     Yes, we have several varieties to choose from to customize your plot, including several clovers, Purple Top turnip, Daikon radish and Birdsfoot Trefoil among others. We have 1lb bags available which range in price from $4.00 - $8.00/lb. If you need larger quantities, please call ahead to order, and we can weigh out what you need. Check our Seed Rack page for more information regarding our stock.

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