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Muskmelon - Parsnip

Muskmelon Mustard Okra
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333 Muskmelon: Honey Rock  3.3 G Cost: $0.99
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Ready in 85 days. Medium sized, nearly round fruits are gray-green, have little ribbing but are coarsely netted. Thick, juicy flesh is of deep salmon color and sweet musky flavor.


336 Muskmelon: Hale's Best Jumbo  3.3 G Cost: $0.99
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Ready in 85 days.  Large, 5 lb. melons with thick, deep salmon flesh of excellent flavor.  The firm rind is slightly ribbed and well netted.  Especially recommended for the South.

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337 Mustard: Southern Giant Curled 4.6 G Cost: $0.99

Ready in 45 days.  Delicious, healthful greens.  Large upright plants.  Leaves are large, long, oval, crumpled, curled and fringed.  Attractive color.  Plants are slow to bolt.


338 Mustard: Florida Broadleaf  4.6 G Cost: $0.99
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Ready in 45 days.  Large plants that grow rapidly are slow to bolt to seed.  dark green leaves are large, broad and have a distinct, flattened, whitish mid rib. Widely grown for its good flavor and as a delicious, healthful green.

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340 Okra: Green Long Pod Dwarf  6.8 G Cost: $0.99
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Perkins Dwarf Green Long Pod.   Ready in 55 days. Combines dwarf plant habit and long pods.  Mature pods are 7 - 8" long by 1" thick but are best quality if picked when young and tender.  Plants are 2 - 2'.


341 Okra: Clemson Spineless 80  6.8 G Cost: $0.99
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Ready in 55 days.   Dark green pods are tapered, rigged and spineless making this an excellent home garden and market variety.  Mature pods are 6" long but are best quality if picked when young and tender.  Plants are 4- 4' tall.

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342 Onion: White Lisbon Bunching Type  1.5 G Cost: $0.99
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Bunching type.  Ready in 60 days.  Excellent early bunching onion with smooth, flattened, white bulbs of mild flavor.


344 Onion: Downing's Yellow Globe  1.1 G Cost: $0.99
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Ready in 112 days.  Medium size bulbs, dark yellow skin, firm white flesh.  Excellent for storage.


345 Onion: Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah  1.1 G Cost: $0.99
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Ready in 115 days.  Bulbs are large, globe shaped.  Flesh medium firm and mild.  Fairly good in storage.


347 Onion: Southport Red Globe  1.1 G Cost: $0.99
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Ready in 110 days.  Dark, glossy-red skin.  Medium size bulbs.  Flesh firm and moderately pungent. The best red onion and excellent for storage.

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352 Parsnip: Harris Model  2.4 G Cost: $0.99

Ready in 120 days.  Tender, smooth, white roots are 10-12" long by 3" diameter.  Moderately tapered. Almost no hollow crown and very free of side rootlets. Sweetest when dug after freezing.

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